About Supreme PR

su·preme /so͞oˈprēm/ adjective 1. paramount; superior to all others | synonyms: absolute, chief, incomparable, transcendent, ultimate

Supreme Public Relations’ mission is to provide top quality public relations efforts to the up-and-coming designers and influencers of the modern world. Our goal is to create a level of awareness that will ultimately propel our clients to establish their image and brand reputation in the fashion and entertainment industries. Our agency implements maximum levels of publicity services at minimal costs. We are extremely selective with the clients we work with, and use our own methods of scouting. We only select to work with clients who exemplify a certain type of potential that is required in order to become established in this competitive industry that millions of people strive for success in. We base our success solely on results and pride ourselves on our strong track record of industry relationships, exceptional placement features history, and brand building capabilities.

About James Murray

James Murray
(Chief Publicity Officer)

James Murray has worked under some of the industries top fashion houses and agencies including; Gucci, Versace, Saint Laurent, Donna Karan, LaForce & Stevens Agency, and most recently Seventh House PR. James has truly learned from the best. He has experienced the inner workings of the top firms, and continues to translate these influences into his own practice. With years of experience in fashion public relations, James has developed exceptional relationships with top magazine editors, celebrity publicists, stylists, and social influencers. Mentored by some of the most high profile names in the industry, James has achieved a proven background of success and impeccable reputation. His experience spans through collaborations with a wide range of clients from up-and-coming designers to fashion empires.